September 2012

A briefing by Sutton Rail Users’ Forum on the combined Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise consultation (May 2012): The future suburban mix?
  • More frequent services at regular intervals
  • Better connectivity
  • Removal of timetable anomalies

The future suburban mix: a response to the Thameslink, Southern, and Great Northern franchise Consultation | September 2012 PDF document  | 606 KB

October 2011

Sutton Public Transport Liaison Group SRUF: Southern timetable enhancements December 2010

Presentation to Sutton Public Transport Liaison Group, focusing on some welcomed Southern timetable enhancements, during certain periods of the off-peak, introduced in December 2010. Some reasons as to why the improvements do not go far enough are discussed.
Presentation at the Sutton Public Transport Liaison Group | 18 October 2011 PDF document | 900 KB

September 2011

Review of the December 2010 Southern timetable: London Victoria and Sutton

Southern introduce some significant timetable changes in December 2010, but are these enhancements to services ambitious or cautious?

  • Trading speed for service frequency
  • The criteria for “turn up and go”


Review of the Southern Timetable December 2010 | September 2011 PDF document | 1.4 MB

March 2011

A response by Sutton Rail Users’ Forum to the London and South East Route Utilisation Strategy consultation
  • mixing “fast” and stopping services on the same tracks reduces the number of trains overall
  • why longer trains require something more than just longer platforms
  • how network connectivity is vital, and why “turn up and go” needs a definition


A response to the London and South East draft RUS | March 2011 PDF document | 217 KB

September 2010

South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont | Agenda item 6: Community Slot

Presentation to Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee

  • How SRUF started
  • What SRUF is trying to achieve
  • What SRUF has achieved
  • Some current issues
  • Focus on Belmont and Cheam, and how you can help

Includes the compelling proposition from Go-Ahead in 2002 as part of the bid for the franchise, subsequently not delivered. There is some route based research from Passenger Focus, and requirements for train services from London Travelwatch. Caveats in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy (May 2010) are discussed, and some peak rail services for Belmont and Cheam in May 2010 are compared with those in October 1947. The presentation concludes with a tour of the stations in photographs (2010).

Presentation at the Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee | 30 September 2010 PDF document | 6.6 MB

September 2008

A study comparing per capita trip rates between surface rail and the Underground

The core research question that this study aimed to answer was whether, as expected, there was a higher trip rate per-head, particularly for non-work and non-educational purposes, in areas of London served by the Underground compared to broadly similar areas of London served by National Rail services. Three different approaches were used to attempt to establish whether this was the case, and the findings suggested that the hypothesis was supported.

This dissertation, written by Charles Martin as part of his MSc Transport Planning and Management course at the University of Westminster (2007-2008), was short-listed for a prize by the transport and urban planning consultancy Colin Buchanan.

A study comparing per capita trip rates between surface rail and the Underground | September 2008 PDF document | 12 MB

December 2004

A response to the Brighton main line Route Utilisation Strategy
  • restructuring of timetables long overdue
  • investment needed for improvements to rail junctions and interchange facilities
  • consolidation of routes so that London’s suburban services operate at regular intervals (at least every 15 minutes, ideally every 10 minutes), with same stopping pattern all day

A response to the Brighton Main Line RUS | December 2004 PDF document | 314 KB