The Sutton Rail Users’ Forum is all about debate and discussion on issues relating to rail services in the London Borough of Sutton. Public meetings are held around three times a year, and have been every since the Forum was formed in 2002. These events have developed to become an increasingly important opportunity for regular commuters, occasional day-trippers, residents, rail representatives and managers and anyone else with an interest to get together and listen and talk about the issues that matter to them.

Although ‘rail’ features in the title, we like to think that we are not just restricting ourselves to rail issues. We are considering all modes of transport really, because when you take a train you have to get to the station, and that may involve walking, cycling, taking the bus, tram or tube, or driving or even skateboarding! So accessibility issues are important to us.

It is also essential to recognise that the Forum is not campaigning for a better rail service in Sutton at the expense of a less good service elsewhere. Indeed, quite the opposite. Our campaigning, from a strategic viewpoint, could just as easily be on behalf of any part of suburban London, or any other city that offers a comparable rail network, where it is hoped that rail services will play an increasingly important role.

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