Forum update January 2017

Some highlights from the SRUF meeting held on 19 January 2017:

  • The Wimbledon loop will benefit from all new trains (class 700) by May 2017.
  • A dynamic solution for Wimbledon loop destinations is now, at last, to be investigated (with the intention of reflecting the fact that services do not always terminate at Sutton but continue either towards West Sutton, Sutton Common and Wimbledon or towards Carshalton and Hackbridge).
  • Inaccuracies with information provided on Customer Information Screens at Sutton station platform 1, regarding the expected departure time of Thameslink services towards central London, is to be investigated.
  • The poor connectivity that currently exists at West Croydon between certain London Overground and Southern services during the evening period is to be reviewed. Prior to December 2015, all London Overground services from Whitechapel/Canada Water connected with all Southern services to Sutton, providing four journeys an hour. Since December 2015, although four services an hour operate, only two connect. It is hoped this anomaly will be rectified in the May 2017 timetable.

v1: Charles Martin 20.01.2017

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